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Imagine a school where children can’t wait to come every day. A school whose spacious hallways are brimming with child energy. A school whose classrooms ignite an insatiable curiosity and interest in acquiring new knowledge and making new discoveries. A school where your child’s needs are met to the fullest extent. A school away from the city and its horrible traffic, ensuring that not a second of your kid’s childhood years — that wonderful and most precious time in life — gets wasted on the road.
A school where 100 children, 30 teachers, the 4 cardinal points and 122,928 bricks have come together to create a new culture of learning.

Personality development

Personality and talent is what we value the most. Every day our staff work with utmost dedication and commitment to help our students discover and develop their gifts, identify and chart their unique road in life through learning We honor each student’s individuality while at the same time honing their social skills to help them grow as responsible members of a community.
The philosophy of mathematics or the geography of history? World cultures or the metaphysics of art? We blend the various realms of knowledge, generalize, particularize, and move on. The 26 letters of Homer, Goethe, Kant or your own universe? The mighty genius of Alexander Pushkin revealed by his letter to Natalya Goncharova? In each of our courses, we aspire to go far above and beyond what’s written in the textbooks.
Learning for us is the natural way of cognizing the world. Building on the “all in you and you in all” fundamental principle of unity, we learn to think and find solutions by exploring our history, the world around us, and the world inside us.

360˚ care

Focus on child health and physical development is at the heart of our everyday work. Balanced diets based on five meals a day and professional medical supervision constitute the key elements of our 360˚ care system.

Facilities and techniques

Ergonomic desks and chairs. Electronic boards. Instant electronic testing systems Modern chemical and physical laboratories. Exciting imaginary journeys in time and space, to ocean depths and faraway planets. Through our highly personalized communications techniques, parents are constantly kept abreast of their children’s success.

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